Beauty Essentials

December 20, 2014

 Beauty Essentials

Hello dear I know I said that I would not post any thing on the weekends but I couldn't resist and I decided to make a post about Beauty which is something I don't do. Honestly I don't use a lot of make-up on the daily bases, maybe that's why I don't write beauty posts. For this post I will tell you guys my make-up essentials for the daily bases.

We all girls need to have a make-up bag that's basically where you we (girls) put all of our make-up and the perfect bag for that is the Furla Babylon 3 in 1, unfortunately I don't own that bag, in fact my make-up bag is from Clinique, on your make-up bag you must have your foundation, the concealer, your eye palette, your eye cream, a lipstick and perfume, on my make-up bag I have my Chanel perfume although I love Stella Mccartney perfume.

Have you guys liked this post? What's your biggest make-up must have?


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