Love Explosion

December 12, 2014

Yesterday I went to the fashion museum at Lisbon and upstairs there was a gallery well it was fantastic. Basically it represented love, André Saraiva the men who created the exposition showed us how all of that came to life.
All began when he felled in love and he wanted to show his love to his girlfriend, so he gratified her name on a wall, and dedicated the wall to her. With the time people trough social media started to ask him to make a graffiti with the names of their loved ones and the only thing he asked back was the “why”, I know this doesn’t have nothing to do to fashion but I felt the need to write about this.
Just to see and hear his story inspired me to chace and to face love, walking and seeing and feeling his story, everything there, was mind-blowing, everything there had a meaning.
Originally I was going to write about the fashion museum but when I saw his work I had a change of heart, touching the walls and closing my eyes and feeling the love of so many people, this isn’t just his story it’s the love story of a lot of people and somehow he combined everything so well.
I can only describe this has a love explosion, seeing others love story’s on the walls, it’s inspiring I got out as different person, he reached people hearts on such a touchy way and that is what separets André Saraiva from others.


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