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December 7, 2014 Lisboa, Portugal

Hello dear readers today I am happy to announce that D KOUTURE will give two gift cards worth on $25 (a gift card it's good has money) from that is an amazing online shop that lets you personalize the clothes. I will explain the conditions on a different post. On this post I am going to reveal my playlist, the first song is A Drop In The Ocean from Ron Pope I discovered this song through The Vampire Diaries, next we have All Of The Stars from Ed Sheeran, this song is from The Fault In Our Stars this song it's just beautiful it always calms me down.
One of the songs that I always hear when I am sad is Autumn Leaves from Ed Sheeran, he has the voice of an angel. I love glee and I have a lot of their songs (covers) my favorites are If I Die Young, Don't Stop Believing and I Was Here honestly there was time that I couldn't even watch Glee because Cory was death. Have you guys ever heard of a singer called JoJo? Probably not but she is amazing you should all go see her song called Too Little Late she is amazing she sings very well that's true talent, and she is on my playlist.
All playlists need to have a Jennifer Lopez song I only have one song of her that is First Love this song makes me wanna hit the beach and ride a motorcycle. I hear all type of music and lately I've been falling into electronic songs I love Martin Garrix I have all of his songs my favorites are Helicopter, Turn Up The Speakers and Animals but I also love Alesso and my favorite song from him it's for sure Tear The Roof Up.
People who know wouldn't believe that I am crazy about Lana Del Rey and Arctic Monkeys but I am, and when it cames to these two all of their songs are amazing so I don't have favorites. Am I the only one who still hears Roar from Katy Perry? The song it's so catchy and cool. You should all hear Maps and Animals from Maroon 5 I don't know how they still produce great and beautiful songs.
I have over 500 songs on my phone so I can't tell you guys all of the songs I hear, but I do want to know you guys favorites songs, and what you guys think of the songs I hear?


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