The Black Bag

December 29, 2014

 The Black Bag

Another post, another topic how I never get tired? How I always find inspiration? What should I write tomorrow? Those are the questions I make to myself every single day, ordinary people would find very hard to write and find good content for a blog. It has been a lot since I don’t write about bags so I picked my favorite bag from all of them and I decided to post it. Sometimes I don’t even follow what I had planed for a post I just write what I am thinking.
I bought this bag on Zara and it wasn’t a waste of money, I love the simplicity of the bag it’s just black and big which means it goes with everything that’s why all of us should stick to the basics there’s no way to do it wrong (I guess, we never know), honestly I am getting in love for vintage I am obsessed I love vintage stores but it’s so sad that there isn’t a lot of vintage stores around my house or anywhere close to my house (I am a little bit lazy). The pants I bought on Pull&Bear which is a store that I deeply recommend it’s just very urban chic.
I’ve been noticing that right now everybody is shopping online and I’ve never done that! I am kind of old school so I like to go the store and buy and see how it works on me, the only thing I ever ordered online was a phone and that was an exception everybody needs a phone, I don’t shop online but the best places to shop online are ShopStyle and Net-A-Porter.
Bags are important for everybody if you say they’re not that means that you are lying because you don’t mean it!



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