Traveling Around

December 16, 2014

Hello dear readers, 2015 is coming and I need to get goals for 2015 it’s ironic the fact that I haven’t achieve any of my 2014 goals but I accomplished things that I’ve never though I would accomplish. Honestly I still don’t know what are my goals I think we all need goals but I am traveling trough my tough, I still don’t know what will 2015 bring to the blog. Christmas is coming wich means the Victoria’s Secret Show is back and it’s official Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran will be performing during the show, I am super excited I love watching the show.
Yesterday I was watching E! (wich is one of the best channels in the world) and they were talking about Michael Kors life and his career and I got so inspired people like Michael Kors are so inspiring I basically look-up to him he is the proof that if you work to success you will have success, he has given happiness to a lot of people and that’s coming back to him another person that I also admire it’s Diane Von Fursternberg I’ve always admire her but now that she has her show on E! it makes me try greater things.
Now let’s talk about what I wore yesterday, the shirt is from Pull&Bear, leggings from H&M, coat from Pull&Bear and the bag is from Zara, this look it’s just simple and casual, I think that being comfortable in your clothes it’s important that’s why that the first thing I look for on clothes is comfort you can’t wear something that you’re not comfortable with, our society has made all of us think that size two is perfect but that is completely wrong!
Anyways I wanna who you guys look-up to, and what do ou all think about my outfit?


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