Voyager En Hiver

December 9, 2014

Well, hello DK readers I’ve been thinking and I’ve decided that I won’t post anything on the blog at the weekends because my life is chaotic and sometimes I need to take a break from my own life, so I am kind of traveling trough this winter wich is the title of the post but it’s written in french. Since I’ve begun the blog I haven’t rest, but it was my fault, I choose to start my blog when Paris Fashion Week started, wich means that for the bloggers who love writing about the Spring/Summer collections it’s a very busy time, because we have to update the blog every single day, but now it’s time to slow down and to rest. Honestly this blog is basically my drug I am always talking about it, and I am always checking out my blog.
It's strange writing on blogger because I didn't import all of my posts from wordpress.
I’ve spent the entire weekend thinking on what I would write for the blog so I decided to use Polyvore to create sets of clothes, it goes to a fancy brunch to a walk on the beach. The first set I’ve made it was for a fancy brunch, the color that I used the most it was blue, I think it is a great color for this fall, it’s not very cold yet but we should start wearing big coats wich was a big trend for spring. I love the high wasted pants, that brings me back to the fifties and the sixties, the pants make the legs look longer but we should have carefull with it, because it can look good on the right way but if we wear it at the wrong way it will look a mess. One thing that should be always on a women wardrobe it’s a bag, what makes the all look amazing it’s the sunglasses.
The second set is for a cocktail party for this one I choose pink, blue and gold has the base colors, honestly I don’t think that for a cocktail party we should wear a lot of sparkles it’s something that I avoid because when we use a dress with a lot of sparkles we can’t use bold shoes or big necklace or even gold rings because if we do the entire look will seem sheep and a mess, but if we keep it simple on the accessories it will look boring so I prefer to go by the basics and then kill it with great and bold accessories. My favorites items on this look are the Manolo shoes wich are amazing and the Channel pink bag, I don’t know why but the channel bags after all of these years are still amazing.
The last set it’s all casual, imagine that you are taking a beach walk with some friends at night I don’t think that we should go all-fancy like the brunch look, one of the things I love on the set it’s the hat, I love hats but unfortunately I have a short hair wich means it does not look very good on me but that’s fine eventually my hair will grow. I really love combining crop tops with shorts but when I do I always try not to look like a whore ( I needed to say it, ups!), one thing that I hate seeing on the beach it’s when girls wear high heels for the beach I mean who are you trying to impress? Never but never wear high heels for the beach, anyways I hope you guys had a good weekend, good shopping for this winter.


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