Wishlist: Bags

December 8, 2014

Bags, bags, bags and bags while some people are worried about real and important problems, I am writing about bags. Honestly while I was searching for bags to go to my wishlist one of my goals was to choose affordable bags for the average person, these bags don’t cost $10,000 like the Birkins, these bags cost over $100 but on my opinion it’s worth buying an $300 if you got the money to buy it, gor for it! First bag is from Michael Kors and the best part of all it’s that it only costs $320, Michael Kors makes and creates beautiful things, and it’s affordable wich means all of us can have a Michael Kors bag, and who doesn’t want that?
The second bag is from Givenchy this one is the most expensive from all the bags it costs $2,280 (Autch! I know it’s very expensive, but it’s beautiful), I’ve always wanted a Givenchy bag, it’s sooooo gorgeous I can’t explain it in other words. The third bag is from Tory Burch and honestly this bag isn’t the type of bag that I love, but something about this bag, there’s something about it, the color of the bag it’s beautiful, Tory Burch knows what’s doing and guess what the bag costs $435
Kate Spade bag is the number four, every women need a black dress and red bag from Kate Spade it costs $298 it’s actually very beautiful, every time I see this bag I remember the song Blank Space from Taylor Swift ( I hear Taylor Swift, and that song is amazing) I don’t know why I connect that song to this bag. The fifth bag is of Dolce & Gabbana it costs $900 and I am in love, this bag may be the love of my life, I mean we never know (just kidding, bags can’t marry people right?)
The last bag is from DKNY, I love this bag, it costs $145. I just want to let you guys know that you all can just click on the advertise of DKNY and you will be redirect to the official site of the brand and there you all can shop this beautiful bag, so what you all think about these bags?
1-Michael Kors $320
2-Givenchy $2,280
3-Tory Burch $435
4-Kate Spade $298
5-Dolce & Gabbana $900
6-DKNY $145


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