Wishlist: Time To Rest

December 11, 2014

Hello dear readers, for this week I am sharing my wishlist for my bed time, before I go to sleep I think and I write about a lot of things, I have a busy life, I can’t stop. After coming back from school/work we all want to just get a good night of sleep wich is almost impossible for me, even at home I can’t rest.
I think that every single women needs to have a beautiful, I found the cutest pyjama on Net-A-Porter it’s just so beautiful, I love wearing neutral/pale colors, it’s so elegant and chic but casual. Another thing we all should have it’s slippers, I am the slippers queen I have such a big collection of slippers, it’s just one of the most comfortable shoes in the world.
Oner of the things I do before I close my eyes and dive in on my dreams is reading a book, the book that I’ve been reading lately is The Fault In Our Stars, I gotta say that book and the movie are great I recommend it! I am addicted to that book.
We all need a robe it’s just so fancy on my opinion, but I don’t like the long robes, I think they’re ugly. So that is my wishlist for my bed time.
Song suggestion: Ed Sheeran-All Of The Stars
Slippers-Harman Sultan Ivory
Chain Necklace-Alexander Mcqueen


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