An All Black Look

January 9, 2015

Winter, winter my favorite time of the year just arrived which means it's time to warm up with black ( my favorite color) !! Many people think black is such a sad color but I disagree, wearing black makes a big statement. Honestly this set wasn't going to be all black but half away I noticed it was an all black look so I decided to drop the theme I had in mind and to embrace the new one I've made without even knowing.

I wanted to make an edgy set, so those high heels are for sure a really big must have and of course an overesized coat needed to join the party and for last I killed it with the black hat, this is something I would wear. Black is the most wearable color, you can combine it wit everything, the collage has a lot of elements but the main ones are those that I 've mentioned.

Hat- Find it here 
Earrings: Find it here
Coat: Find it here
Watch: Find it here
Handbag: Find it here
High Heels: Find it here
Shorts: Find it here
Boots: Find it here
Bag: Find it here
Pants: Find it here
Necklace: Find it here


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