The Trench Coat

January 6, 2015

Some people actually think the trench coat is overrated, I confess, I was one of those people, I used to say "Trench coats are for oldies" but with I proved myself wrong (I was really wrong).It all started when I first saw Burberry last campaign featuring Romeo Beckam and suddenly I got curious basically I asked myself this: "If Romeo Beckam can look good on a trench coat, I can", so with that said I decided to buy a trench coat, for sure I wasn't going to but a Burberry trench coat.

Finding the perfect trench coat became my life mission , so after long hours on the Internet I found a similar at United Colors Benetton, after purchasing the coat I've spent hours finding a way to style it because I wanted to give my own touch and honestly I didn't want something very "grown up", my vision was of something fresh, young, playable and wearable, every time I choose outfits to feature on the blog I always wonder if it is wearable.

After hours of staring at my wardrobe I found the right combination, I decided to wear my Pull&Bear Pants inspired in the 90's and one of my weirdest scarves, I used to call it "The doggy doggy scarf" (I still kind of hate that scarf). Under all of that, I am actually wearing an Armany shirt but unfortunately you guys can't see it, honestly I am kind of surprised that I pulled this off.

Trench Coat: United Colors Benetton
Scarf: Local Store (Find similar on Zara)
Pants: Pull&Bear (Find similar at H&M)
Boots: Seaside (Find similar at Zara, H&M or Pull&Bear)

Bye bye xoxxo

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