Guts Over Fear

February 13, 2015

Hello everyone!! This is the first post of my newest category, called Dussolophy (Dussu (my name) + Philosophy), I wanted to create something different , most Fashion and Beauty blogs normally don't have a category where the blogger writes about his personal issues, struggles and stories. In the beginning I didn't knew how I was going to start something new but then I found an unfinished book called "Dussolophy" where I wrote down the funniest and saddest stories.

After reading my book I decided to create a category only for the book (it's not really a book). Honestly initially I was afraid to create something like this because it would mean that I had to get in touch "emotionally" with all of you and that kind of freaks me out, but last week I found guts to start it, it's so ironic writing this post and hearing to Guts Over Fear of Eminem ft Sia, that song in fact inspired to write this post.

I highly recommend for all f you to listen to Guts Over Fear of Eminem ft Sia that song brings/has such a strong message. This new category may be risky and probably most fashion blogs don't have these kind of things. These photos were taken after a hard day of work and studding. I hope you guys enjoy it! What do you guys think of this new category?

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