Baby It's Cold Outside

February 1, 2015

Or Risky Choices

Hello everyone! I am literally freezing here in Lisbon, it has been so cold lately that I even forgot of how it feels to have more than 10 degrees (not kidding). Lisbon has never been this cold, I wasn't made for this, but I was made for the winter clothing, by that I mean the oversized coats for sure. Do you guys remember my black and white oversized coat inspired on the 90's? Well it's back, and on these pictures you all can actually see the full structure of the coat. I know you guys can't see it but I am actually wearing tones of clothes under my sweater because on that day Lisbon was freezing but I needed to take pictures (clearly I love this blog).

This outfit is really risky I normally don't combine different standards like this, if someone would come up to me and said "Today I am wearing a black and white oversized coat with grey jeans and white and green sweater"  I would probably think for my self "This person is a mess" but it goes together, but let me give you all an advice if you guys combine weird standards before you get out of the house look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself "Am I going to regret wearing this in 5 years?" if thee answer is "yes" then just change of clothes.

I have something to say about that sweater that I am wearing, it's not mine, I basically stole it from one of my friends, let me explain, on one cold winter day I was freezing and my friend borrowed me her sweatshirt and I 've never gave it back because I forgot about the sweatshirt until now.

Changing of subject a little bit, I've been thinking on 2015 and on the resolutions and I decided that my resolution for this year would be "no more resolutions" because I never actually end up doing my resolutions, instead I have goals, so do you guys have goals and resolution for 2015 (share it with me)?

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