February 27, 2015

Hello guys!! Have you ever looked back at your past and asked yourself why you did made so many mistakes? Well I do ask myself that all the time, but those mistakes brought me to where I am. Sometimes I can't help but to ask myself how things would have turned out if I have never posted the most stupid video on facebook....but let me start from the beginning. Exactly five years ago I've made a video saying stupid things and I posted it on facebook without thinking on the consequences that the video would bring to me later, let's just say that because of that video I was bullied for over three years and somehow I still haven't got over it, is still with me, but believe me that video was the beginning of my entire journey....

Honestly I've already lost track of the theme of this article or post, call it what you want, but the thing is, was I meant to make all of those terrible mistakes? I know that everyone says what doesn't kill you makes you stronger but unfortunately I can't apply that sentence for me, because the whole experience took the best out of me, my smile, but thanks to time and really good friends I found something that I have lost a long time ago, my happiness.

Are we all meant to commit devious mistakes? Honestly until now I have never understood the power of our actions in our futures, sometimes I wonder if I am the one to blame for my most terrible years, I actually blame myself for being bullied, because if I really think it through, I am the one to blame because I posted the video and I have nothing to say on my defense. If I have learned something from my mistakes is that you have always two choices you can let all of those mistakes consume you or you can grow with those mistakes and become a better person.


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