A Trip By The Sea

March 27, 2015

Hello guys last Friday I had a school trip basically the idea of the trip was going to boring places and listening to boring facts about nature, I'm not an ignorant but nature it's not something that I wanna listen about, even though half of the trip was boring and funny because we ( me and my mates ) were all singing on the bus and blah blah blah.

The only thing I really enjoyed from the trip was when we arrived to the beach but I wanna leave something really clear, the road to the beach was completely awful but amazing because I had the opportunity to take amazing photos.

The road and the view was just so inspiring, it's good to visit calm places, for a few hours I was just me, I was just another person in the crowd and strangely it felt really good sometimes we need to get out from the spotlight. Am I the only one who feels the need to be invisible sometimes?

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