Be What You Want

April 10, 2015

Be what you want, is actually a great  sentence maybe that's why KIKO uses it on their shopping bags ( at least here in Portugal ), for some reason many people dislike KIKO because supposedly things there are "too cheap" but I think that's a good thing cosmetics, clothes etc... must be affordable, and it's not for being cheap that means the quality is low which I completely disagree, the price isn't always a synonym of quality.

KIKO in my opinion is a very undervalued cosmetics brand here in Portugal, honestly I find it hard to understand why such a great brand receives tones of negatives thoughts, I'm not saying that Portuguese people can't stand KIKO, I just find it shocking that KIKO isn't a go-to brand here, but let me tel you guys something in my opinion KIKO should open a few more stores and promote it.

Now let's talk about what I just bought on KIKO, I recently purchased the Universal Fit Hydrating Foundation and this the kind of foundation that you apply when you want to get a more natural look I highly recommend this foundation I absolutely love it. The foundation comes in 20 shades and for some weird reason they're split into two types of shading.

I choose the 10 cocoa shading but you all can find out more about the foundation on, the Universal Fit Hydrating Foundation is my favorite it comes in a little black box and it's adorable!!

Buy the foundation here

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