Pale Pallet

April 8, 2015

Spring has arrived but strangely I've been making plans for Summer, let me explain, I want to dedicate myself fully to Luxurysmo Land because the blog is really taking off and I look forward to work with some brands I truly adore. I am currently working on a secret project, I wish I could tell all about it, but it's a secret!

Let's change of subject, and let's talk about my outfit, for this one I decided to go with a pale pallet, lately I've been really into pale colors, the colors I wear on Spring are completely different from the ones I wear on Winter. I love wearing a bit of color for Spring. This outfit was supposed to have a casual touch but now I see that this outfit isn't that casual. This outfit it's  really simple, clean and wearable.

So what do you guys think of this outfit?

Luxurysmo Land

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