Life Update

May 25, 2015

Hello guys if you read my last posts you know that I am currently doing my last exams so I haven't found time to write good posts but now I finally organized my scheduled, so I will never write bad posts again , anyways so I wanted just to give you guys an updated on how my life is going and what you guys can expect for my summer posts.

When I finally finish my exams I will start posting some outfits that I've been dying to show you guys, do you guys remember when I said I would post some Coachella looks, well even though it has been a while since Coachella happened I will still upload the outfits during the summer.

Meanwhile, I got exciting news for you guys I'll be starting a post series very soon, unfortunately I can't tell you guys exactly what it is about, this post series that I am currently working on it's really something I've been wanting to do. Honestly guys so many things will happen this summer I don't even know where to start, so keep following my blog to find the surprises.

Just one little question what do you guys think of lifestyle posts it's something you all would be interested in? Comment bellow and give me some feedback.

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