May Favorites

May 4, 2015

So I wanna start this post by apologizing to you guys (my readers) for being a little bit off lately, the reason for that is my busy schedule, but now I am fully back with no excuses. So now I am starting a new monthly post series called "Favorites of the Month" these posts will be uploaded into the category Collages, so for the first debut post I choose Lacoste not only because I love Lacoste but because I am actually on their affiliate program as you all can see, most people believe Lacoste is mainly a Men's brand which is partially true but with Polyvore I found some pretty amazing items and the best part of it, is that all of the items are affordable, which is surprising having fact Lacoste is a heavy weight on the fashion industry, of course the items don't cost 10$ but they are affordable having in fact is Lacoste.

I had a hard time to find the originals items but I found similars, what I love the most about Lacoste is that the clothes in general are so relaxed and casual which for me is one of the best things in Lacoste, their clothes are so relatable and wearable that's why I adore this brand I myself own some items I've featured and in my opinion it's really worthed buying these items, because they're not that expensive, all the items featured in this post are accessible/reachable and who wouldn't love that?

Personally between these items my favorites are the numbers 3, 6, 10 and 12, from these items which ones are your favorites? Let me know by commenting bellow.

Luxurysmo Land

1. Lacoste V-Neck Cardigan
2. Lacoste Large Zip Tote
3. Lacoste Court Trainers
4. Lacoste Glossy Large Zip Tote
5. Lacoste Black Eau d Toilette
6. Lacostte Medium Satchel
7. Lacoste Goa Blue and Lavender Stripe Silicone Watch
8.  Lacoste Pure White Eau d Toilette
9. Lacoste Marthe LCR
10. Lacoste Sweater
11. Lacoste Silver Shoes
12. Lacoste Valencia Silicone Watch

Head over to Lacoste official site to find more products:



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