Perfect Base Corrector

May 11, 2015

 Hello loves so today I'll be reviewing my newest primer also known has the Perfect Base Corrector this primer was a birthday gift from my best friend Hinisha also known as my sister but this post isn't about us. Honestly this is the first time I have a primer from KIKO my last primer was from Clinique but I am always open-minded when it comes to try new products, I admit I am one of those people who cares if the product is anti-allergic and I found out this primer is Hypoallergenic=formulated to minimize the risk of allergic reactions, which is terrific!

The primer itself it's transparent and that helps to smoothes the skin, the primer comes in the most simple but beautiful black box, this primer only covers fine lines and small skin blemishes after applying the primer the skin becomes uniform giving the perfect base for make up application. I don't recommend this primer for people with oily skin, if you have oily skin then I recommend Mat Base Corrector Primer.

So do you guys have dry skin or oily skin? My skin is not oily but it's not dry too I am on the middle.


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