3 Things I've Learned From Middle School

June 12, 2015

I decided to start writing more lifestyle posts and I know this will be probably the fifth time I say this but this time I mean it!! So to premiere my non awesome idea, I wanted to share 3 things I've learned from Middle School, honestly I don't know were to start Ive learned stupid and good things, this post may end up being very ironic, am I making sense? Let's just get it over with ( wow, I am such a nice person ), this is too sad I had nothing to write about so I decided to look back at my painful memories from Middle School, here we go.

1. Being different sucks! I don't agree with this but in a certain way it's true, I was bullied for 2 years for being different and stupid, I don't get why everyone feels the need to be like the others, different is good, I mean I am different and a bit too ironic but I turned out fine.

2. Maths Is Stressful! I think this one is a universal, if you believe maths isn't stressful then you are not normal ( kidding ) but seriously I cry everytime I study/try to study  maths it's soooo painful.

3. Less Friends Last Longer! I don't know if this one can apply to everyone but it applies 100% to me, I've been always that girl who was different but I still wanted to be like the others and believe me I was fooling myself but with time I started to accept myself in the way I was.

So tell me one thing you've learned on Middle School on the comments section! Don't forget to follow me on instagram and twitter ( luxurysmo_land ), have a nice weekend!


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