A Letter To My Younger Self

June 1, 2015

Dear Younger Self,

Something tells me that you will be surprised on what you will overcome, I bet you won't believe half of the things I will tell you but before we go to the amazing part, I want to start this letter by saying your dreams will eventually change but not die, I mean you won't take the music world by storm.

Firstly please don't take permanent decisions for temporary problems, everything will eventually be okay, all dots eventually connect, I want you to accept and love yourself because you must love yourself before you love others, probably if you feel like no one will stop picking on you but believe me it may hurt now but that will only make you stronger you will become the most beautiful and comprehensive soul.

Also please don't waste your time overthinking on what others think of you what others say about you it's a reflection of who they really are on the inside, I know it will take a long time to understand it, being bullied it's not the best feeling ever but you will get through it because you are strong it doesn't matter on how much it hurts, you will get through all of it.

In some weird way that will force you to become a better person, please face this world with a smile. You will later quit on your dream to be a singer because randomly you will stop knowing how to write songs, you will have a inspirational block, but never doubt on your abilities, I don't know if I am saying too much but the day everything will be completely okay it's the day you start Luxurysmo Land on 12/07/2014 never forget that day.

You will loose so much and gain so many things, some friends will go some will come back, you will have big disappointments, you will accomplish a lot, you will reach a point in your life where you don't feel the need to rely on someone emotionally, your life will be full of happiness and love, so never give up keep trying to do your best.

I wish you the best!

Luxurysmo Land


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