Dior Just Moved In

June 5, 2015

Recently I was gifted with a few items from Dior, a foundation and two eyeshadows even tho is Dior the problem is, I'm not the kind of girl who wears make up on the daily bases so it was kind of a waste of money to be honest, this is such a great way to start off a post ( being ironic ), I screamed so hard when I saw the bag, honestly the reason why I screamed when I found out the bag was for me ( who wouldn't scream, I mean it's Dior ), was because it was FREAKING DIOR!! The first thing I did was taking photos after photos and then I finally opened the bag, I am such a retarded person but it was Dior you guys have to give me a pass. 

Well this is the first time I have a few items from Dior only for me because normally I buy things from Mybeline, Hugo Boss, KIKO, (cosmetics, perfume etc...) etc... So this is a premiere for me, I am completely obsessed with the perfume, but I kind off don't want to use the perfume because I don't want it to end ( I am being such a child ) I just want to freeze this moment, why am I obsessed with it?

But here's the thing I avoid wearing eyeshadow I prefer eyeliner and that's enough for me, I only wear an eyeshadow while I am making tutorials or when I am on a special occasion like parties and weddings. Who cares if I wear it or not? I am still caught on the fact that is Dior, is this normal? Am I normal? I should really stop with these silly questions cleary I'm not a regular person.

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