Summer Holi 2015

June 19, 2015

Soooo I've been teasing you all for almost a month saying that I have something coming up and the waiting it's over, I can finally announce it! I am officially a youtuber I just uploaded my first YouTube video to watch it click here. To premiere my YouTube channel I decided to caption a few moments of my long day at Summer Holi Festival, there were so many highlights it was so hard for me to make a video of only 4 minutes, I hope you all can see through the video how much fun it was!

I think there's no need to explain it all because you can see the video here, for the first time you all can see how it was the experience instead of reading it. If you watch the video and if you like it please subscribe and comment bellow what would you like to see me do on YouTube ( hauls, tutorials etc... ).

I'll be uploading on every Friday's new content on my YouTube channel it will be mainly beauty tutorials, fashion vlogs and sometimes Q&A if all  works out . I really hope you all enjoy my videos on YouTube. YouTube has been something I've always wanted to do it's kind of a personal project and I am really excited I really look forward hearing from you all in the comments section here and on my YouTube video, click here to subscribe.

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