Wishlist: Bags For The Summer

June 3, 2015

It has been a while since I've made a Wishlist post and I missed it, so for this one I choose six bags I wish I had from Excel Clothing, before I start talking about the bags I would love to tell you guys a little bit about the brand I recently teamed up with. Excel Clothing is one of UK's and Irelands leading designer brand retailers, on their store you can find amazing designers just like: Michael Kors, Ted Baker, Calvin Klein etc...

I want to start off by saying that I adore Ted Baker, he is for sure one of the best designers ever, personally what I love the most about Ted Baker is his BAGS!!! Ted Baker bags are the best, everytime I do a wishlist I always have at least one Ted Baker, what I adore about the bags is the accessibility to them, they're not like 10,000$, they cost around 100$  which is great, this just goes to sow that you can get a designer bag under 200$,

As you all know I've always loved Michael Kors and throughout the years that has never changed, I am always featuring him on the blog because he is accessible and I like to show designer pieces that are accessible to the majority of us. Normally I don't feature Calvin Klein because I always associate Calvin Klein to "My Calvins" but it was great to find out that Calvin Klein also has accessible bags, I feel like I just said accessible so many times.

From these 6 bags which one is your favorite ? Mine is number one.
Visit Excel Clothing store.

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