Almost All Black

July 6, 2015

"What Gets You Through Life Is Strength Of Character And Strength Of Spirit And Love"

 Hello there it has been a while since I just sat relaxed and really analyzed my life and I've realized how much I changed through the last years and in 5 minutes I saw my entire life passing through my eyes and I must say I am proud of myself and I needed to say this out loud because I don't congratulate myself that often I tend to make it look like it's no big deal and I am proud of sticking to who I am and for following things through, why am I telling the story of my life to you guys? I really love sharing my life experiences.

 Let's talk about what I am wearing I am not a person who wears colors like yellow, pink, orange etc... which is ironic because my favourite color is orange. Since I bought a medium black bag from Primark I can't let it go I am always using the bag it really goes with everything, this look is very simple just like me, it doesn't push the limits, it's kind of in between, this outfit is my day off outfit, so what do you guys think of this outfit? And are you proud of something you've recently accomplished? If so, share it with me!


"O Que Nos Faz Continuar Na Vida É Um Caráter Forte E Um Espírito Forte E Amor"

Olá pessoal para o início da semana optei por um look simples mas ainda "stylish", desde que comprei a minha mala preta na Primark estou sempre a utiliza-la, a mala dá com tudo, amo a mala, o que acham deste look? So mais uma pergunta, há algo que estejas orgulhosa que recentemente fizeste? Se sim, partilha comigo!





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