Denim On Yellow In Motion

July 27, 2015


"A Girl Should Be Two Things: Who And What She Wants " 

To be honest I am not a denim girl I rarely wear denim, I'm not a huge lover but I'm not a hater for that matter, but for the first time in six/five months I searched my closet and I found my jeans, I don't know if you guys care about this but I've only wore real jeans maybe two times throughout 2015, am I the only one who doesn't wear denim all the time? Let's face it, denim is trendy these days so in the eyes of society I am  weirdo, which doesn't bother me at all to be honest, weird is cool!

For a long time I though I had to feature some denim here just to mix it up and here it is, now let's focus on shoes which by the way are new and I LOVE THEM normally I only purchase shoes in one color black, so when I went looking for new shoes I wanted something different, something unexpected so I chose yellow.

This look is really simple and minimalistic and then it has the bang from the shoes, it's like " Look at me, look at these shoes", the shoes look weird next to my other shoes, it's basically black, black, black, black, black and then yellow *BANG*, I always try to inject some color on my wardrobe but clearly it hasn't worked, so what do you guys think of denim? Are you a denim  lover or a hater? Tell me why, share it with me!




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