Long Hair Gone Short

July 13, 2015

"To Achieve The Impossible, It Is Precisely The Unthinkable That Must Be Thought"

My short hair is back and I am happy and sad, happy because it's different and risky but sad because my hair went from 20 inches to almost nothing but let me tell you guys something, that long hair was mainly extensions ( don't hate me for that ), but it was painful having to go back to my natural short hair, I'm going to be honest, in the beginning I felt a bit insecure, I've always wanted a long hair, and for me it was quite a challenge to feel confident with short hair to be truthful, but I knew I had to go short for a while so I closed my eyes and I went with the float.

When I first told my friends and everyone their reaction was "NOOOOOOOOOO", and I just want to clear it up, no I haven't been through a break up, no I am not depressed I just decided to go short and little by little I am starting to love it but eventually I will go back to the long dreamy hair hahahaa. Lisbon yesterday was so dark around 4 pm ( it was around that 4-5 pm I took the photos ) which is very unusual but it really went well with my outfit.

To focus more on my new hairstyle I went much more simple, I wore a black high waisted trousers with a black long carding but I didn't want something very dark so I choose to combine the trousers and the cardigan with a white top just to have a pop of color, so what do you guys think of my short hair? And would you go for short hair just for maybe a week? Yes or no? Tell me why, share it with me!




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