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August 3, 2015

" Monday Is The Perfect Day To Correct Last Week's Mistakes "

It's August and I am surprised, I mean we are already half way through this year and I haven't accomplished most of my goals regarding my personal life and it SUCKS ( this is the first time I say a " bad word " but it's exactly what I feel ) It feels so bad when you look back and you see all of the things you said you were going to do later but for me that "later" never came to be.

Am I the only one who is not that "into" Paper Towns? I mean it's probably a good movie and it has Cara Delevinge in it, the girl who has been in every single fashion ad campaign, Yves Saint Laurent, TopShop, DKNY and others, I will probably see the movie just for curiosity, but have you guys seen Paper Towns? Yes or no? If no, are you planing to see it?

Personally I've been dying to see The Age Of Adaline but I still haven't managed to head to the movies and since the premiere was a long time ago, probably it's out of the theater so for that reason I will have to see it online, let's keep it real I am mainly seeing it because of Blake Lively I love her since her Gossip Girl days.

I watched the trailer of the movie in 2014 so I've been really excited to watch the movie but at the same time I have no time to watch the movie. Now let's talk about my outfit. I've always loved adding a masculine touch to my outfits like this shirt, I wanted to keep it simple so I styled it simple jeans and of course I wanted the background to be blue just because it was "matchy matchy". What do you guys think of this outfit? Share it with me!!





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