Head To Toe White

August 24, 2015

Lately I've been reading so many fashion related articles and I've been watching shows, collections and etc... And a lot has happened, I haven't checked trends or even fashion news in the last days and so much happened. Dona Karan is stepping out of DKNY, the queen is leaving her throne ( sad face ) Cara Delevinge is leaving the modeling world, a lot happened right? What do you guys think of this?

Anyways, I am obsessed with this total white look, I actually got the inspiration for this outfit from Ralph Lauren Fall 2015 Ready-To-Wear Collection which was my favourite from all collections in second place of course it comes Chloé Fall 2015 Ready-To-Wear Collection both shows had a european vibe, which really goes well with me, both were casual and minimalistic, but enough talking about shows!

A lot of trends have been coming up, just like flares, denim on denim, bohemian etc... I don't really take time to adapt most of those trends to me but since all white looks became a thing I've been obsessed with it as seen here, but what do you guys think of this total white looks?



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