Simplicity Is More

August 27, 2015

If you read my blog for a while you may have noticed my obsession with wide leg pants, they are amazing I have wore them here, here, here and here, this ones are just a few in a million, These pants are for sure one of my favourites they're comfortable, high waisted and wide legged ( is that even a word? ).

I have this blog since last December  and I know this will sound crazy but only now I have found my personal style and it's for sure minimalistic if you guys haven't noticed now my outfits are something that everyone can wear and feels comfortable but still stylish I feel like some of my past outfits were truly unwearable in real life, in real situations and as a blogger I really want to be accessible does this makes sense?

My style as changed and I am happy with it because it's a reflection of who I am, I am a simple person in terms of personality and I would like to let you all see who I am through my style. I hope my sense of style speaks louder than words. What do you guys think of this outfit?





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