What My Favorites Shows Taught Me

August 17, 2015

Throughout the last years I've learned the most valuable lessons and no it wasn't with my mom, dad, school or even friends I hate to admit it but it was with shows just like Glee, Gossip Girl and How I Met Your Mother it's so strange the fact that some tv shows, tweets, articles can really appeal to your heart and change your inner self and make you question your beliefs.

Glee, glee, glee the show that gave me a unsustainable dream, let me explain, since I was kid I always dreamed with being a singer, I still remember listening to Britney Spears, Jennifer Lopez, Mariah Carey and dreaming with being a great singer, I still remember singing to the sound of Best Of Both Worlds of Hanna Montana, my first phone was actually from Hanna Montana ( yes I was one of those girls hahahaaaa ).

My first ever Glee episode was the one where Rachel, Finn, Mercedes, Tina and Kurt were presenting Don't Stop Believing and since that  day I worked my ass off to become the next Queen B clearly that didn't happen, some dreams within time die.... Moving on, Gossip Girl was the show that made me fell in love with Blake Lively and then fashion, my love for the industry started to get deeper and deeper and here I am typing words after words, if you've been reading this post until now congratulations because this one is long.

Ted Mosby ( main character of How I Met Your Mother ) is my biggest inspiration after Jackie O, Princess Grace and Aubrey Hepburn, I know that Ted it's just another fictional character but he was just so nostalgic and he was such a good person, he always dreamed of creating and designing his own building and having kids, what I loved the most about him was just the way he was, I think that overall How I Met Your Mother was the show that truly changed my perspective of life.

Glee taught me that no matter what you should never give up on your dreams, Gossip Girl taught me that you don't need more than a few friends to be happy ( and also made me fell in love with fashion ) and How I Met Your Mother taught me to be adventures and to stay true to myself and that nothing good happens after 2 am. 

 I got a question to all of you, what was the biggest lesson you ever learned? Share it with me!!



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