August Outfits Review

September 3, 2015

Here we go, August is over and September as just arrived and I am making a round-up of my favourites outfits from the last month. Personally speaking I think from all months August was my favourite month in terms of outfits, I really kept each outfit simple and accessible and that was point, to be honest that's my main goal, I want my outfits to be 100% accessible to everyone, hope you guys liked this month as much as I did.

1. White Dress

( See the outfit here )

2. Simplicity Is More

( See the outfit here )

3. Head To Toe White

( See the outfit here )

4. Off Duty Look

( See the outfit here )

5. What my favourites taught me

( See my outfit here )

6. Blue it up towngirl

( See the outfit here )

Got a question for you all, which one from all these is your favourite?



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