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September 17, 2015

Let me start by saying this, I am not a very girly girl when it comes to wearing make up by that I mean, I don't wear everyday I just wear it every now and then, of course if you are a reader of this blog you may have the opposite impression which is fine because I like to think that I am one of those girly girls hahahaaa.

This post was supposed to be a outfit post and a beauty post at the same time but when I got to the location I decided to focus only on the product. I don't really have major skin problems but I do have acne here and there so probably that was the reason why from all products from www.zuzkanaturalbeauty.co.uk  I choose one from the Derma Care range called Deep Pore Exfoliating Mask I think that just from the name you already know what the product does.

I actually felt so pleased with the product that now it's a part of my skincare routine which I will feature on my blog later. All the cosmetics from Zuzka are organic. To be honest when I opened my cream the first thing that came into my mind was the smell, it was relaxing and kinda exotic. Zuzka has products for all skin types which is really helpful.

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Tenho de ser sincera com vocês não sou uma pessoa muito feminina no que toca à  maquilhagem mas claro que utilizo de vez em quando, sinceramente como não tenho tempo e normalmente escrevo em inglês primeiro e depois traduzo para português vou manter isto simples, desculpem :(, eu tenho um bocadinho de acne em certas partes da minha cara por isso colaborar com a marca Zuzka que é uma marca de beleza veio mesmo a calhar hahahaaa, a marca é recente mas muito boa e tem produtos para todos os tipos de pele. Os produtos são todos orgânicos o que é um ponto a favor e o creme que recebi cheira tão bem, gostei tanto do prduto que agora irá fazer parte da minha routina.

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Visit Zuzka official website here

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