Cozy In The Afternoon

November 29, 2015

I'm so sorry for the lack of updates my head has been everywhere lately, anyways I have loads of things to tell you all, first of all my dreams have been literally so weird, in one of them I'm arrested by aggression I mean I would never do something like that and on the other one I have 10% on my English test maybe I've been so concerned with my grades that my subconscious is sending a threat hahaaa, when I was taking these photos I was really focused on smiling because one of my friends is constantly telling me that I don't smile so now I am proving him wrong.

As I said on my last post I've been really committed to run a healthy life for myself and I have been working out 3 times per week and I don't know why but somehow I managed to create the image that I'm a lazy person when it comes to exercising but here's the thing after tones of classes having physical education isn't my thing I'd rather do anything else than that but I am in fact an active person. Moving on, what do you all think of this outfit, I was freezing when shooting this, what do you all think of this outfit???


Desculpem não traduzir o post na integra para português mas não tive tempo desculpem espero que o possam ler em inglês é sempre bem vindo os vossos feedbacks, o que é que acharam deste post?


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