Lost Connection

November 8, 2015

It has been a while since I've sat in front of my laptop and simply wrote whatever came to my mind I still remember when I actually had time to write meanfull articles here but the reality is I have no time to open up to all of you like I used to!! While I was on my way to take these photos I was so happy for actually doing what I love, I don't know if you guys understand but I LOVEEEE blogging and everything about it. My days are full of stress and worries this is the first time in weeks that I can actually breath I finally am acting like a normal human being, with all that has been going on I don't even know how this blog is still alive. These last weeks have been so stressful between essays, tests, studying and everything school related.

In a certain way I feel like I've lost connection with myself and the real world I think that all of us had a time in our lifes where you lost yourself and then when you finally get back to who you were and you feel strange, disconnected, displaced and that's exactly how I've been feeling have you guys ever felt like this? I need to take a break from my life.

I got a question to all of you? What do you believe in? I believe in me and that our actions define who we are not our past now WHAT DO YOU BELIEVE IN?


Tenho uma pergunta para vocês no quê que vocês acreditam? Eu acredito em mim e acredito de que as nossas ações definem quem somos e não o nosso passado, NO QUÊ QUE VOCÊS ACREDITAM?


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