Bohemian Wishlist

December 12, 2015

I've been so obssesed with the bohemian style lately I think you can find a bohemian touch on this, I am one of those people who always wants to have a bohemian style but I do love structure, black and casual so it's a constant strugle, all of these items need to be on my closet ASAP!!!

1- The second I laid my eyes on number one I died like seriously who doesn't want a stylish poncho like that?? Don't even try to denial it, the poncho is amazing!!!

2- I've always wanted a dress like that but I am kinda insecure when the matter is long sleeve dresses I just never though they were flattering to me but this dress is one of the kind, I love the nature vibe that I get from this dress

3- As I said I am casual girl and if you are like me a good long black skirt is all you want and best of all is that it goes with anything

4- There's nothing to say about this blouse it's amazing and if you don't agree with me then you are lying ( hahahaaaaa kidding )

5- I've been really trying to incorporate geommetric items in my closet and this item is the best way to start my geommetrical takeover

6- Every girl needs a little black dress I'm just going to leave it like that

7- I have one of those dress shirts but it's black and I am really looking forward to get these ones ( I need colors in my closet )

8- I am a casual gal so this coat needs to be in this wishlist there's not a lot to say hahaaaaa

From all of these items which one is your favourite?? And what do you think of this outfit?

4- Blouse


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