How To Conjugate Layering And Structure

December 19, 2015

I've always struggled to find structure when it comes to layering but within time I got better, personally speaking I find structure really flattering to any one's body, for this outfit I was going for a more " classy " look, I've always though in dark colors as more classier. Here in Lisbon the weather as been going crazy it's repeatedly going up and then down so I never know what to expect so for people who live in Lisbon layering is the best way to protect yourself from the weather. When it comes to layering I always try not to go overboard, I don't wanna look like I'm freezing but I also don't wanna look like a joke so here's what to do when you really want to mix layering and structure like a pro.

Choose a color combo, before layering choose your color pallete in that way you will start having kind of a vision to what your outfit will look like in the end and that's a good a start I recommend to go with dark colors but if you choose lighter colors please don't do just one color ( don't go all yellow ) just because visionally speaking it's not appealing it almost kills yours vision. 

Mix different fabrics, mixing fabrics gives a whole nother dimmesion to your outfit it really takes it to the next level and it almost becomes daring and intringing, there's no going wrong when it comes to mixing, you just can't get it wrong in my opinion, because it's really personal and unique. 

Acessories, when it comes to acessories I don't necessarely recommend necklaces it doesn't always work because then it will look so heavy and it pontencially ruins the outfit, but of course there's exceptions, I really do think that scarves, earings and bracelletes are the best way to go, it adds a edge.


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