Luxurysmo Land Makes One Year Thank You

December 7, 2015

Hello guys today is the day that Luxurysmo Land makes ONE YEAR!!!! I don't even know where to start so much happened since I've started this blog last year, blogging changed me in so many ways. Blogging literally cured my depression most of you don't know this but I've started blogging when I was in a bad place in life, I always say that but I never actually tell you all what I was going through.

Talking about this reminds me of a quote that I've heard before " People disappear in three ways, by dying, by lying and by reborning " blogging gave me a second chance I know this may seem strange but reading all the nice comments really helped me throughout my daily bases, when I started blogging I didn't even know what I was going to do but I've accomplished so much.

I just want to thank you all for the lovely comments I read all of them. I started this when I was 14 and now I am 15, at 14 I had my first collaborations and my firsts everythings and all of those milestones helped me to get better. I know what´s like to have nobody in your life that understands you but here´s the truth no one can save you only yourself I am so grateful that I've managed to get better I didn't do it alone as you can imagine.

First of all I wanna thank you all of you who read my blog and take your time to comment the nicest things it really puts a smile on my face, I want to thank my sister for making this possible because let's keep it real this isn't just my blog it's our blog, she's been here since day one, she is also the founder of all this which helped us to re-start our relationship I also want to thank Hinisha my unbilogical sister who always believed in me, Francisca who is basically family and Toodels ( Margarida ) my guardian I could stay here thanking you all but it wouldn't be enough I will never be able to pay you all back.

Thank you for changing me and making all of this possible. Thank you for making me a better person. Thank you for making all of my dreams come true. Thank you for all the kindness. Thank you for making me a happy person. Thank you for everything. Thank you.

P.S. I gave up on my fitness plan, I'll tell all about it on my next post hahahaaaa


Oláááááááá hoje é o dia que Luxurysmo Land faz UM ANO!!!! Nem sei por onde começar, muito aconteceu desde que comecei este blog no ano passado, o blog mudou-me de tantas maneiras. O blog literalmente curou a minha depressão a maioria de vocês não sabem isto mas quando comecei o blog não estava propriamente num bom lugar. Gostaria apenas de agradecer a todos vocês pelos comentários eu leio-os todos. Eu comecei quando tinha 14 anos e agora tenho 15, aos 14 tive as minhas primeiras colaborações e foi a partir daí que tudo começou.

Em primeiro lugar quero agradecer a todos vocês que lêem o meu blog e que comentam as coisas mais simpáticas de sempre, quero agradecer à minha irmã por tornar isto possível, sendo realista este não é apenas o meu blog é o nosso blog, ela está aqui desde sempre, também quero agradecer á Hinisha a minha irmã não bilógica que sempre acreditou em mim, a Francisca que é basicamente familia e a Toodels ( Margarida ) que é a minha guardiã eu poderia ficar aqui agradecendo-vos a todos, mas isso não seria suficiente.

Obrigada por tornarem tudo isto possível. Obrigada por todo o carinho. Obrigado por me fazerem uma pessoa feliz. Obrigada por tudo. Obrigada.

P.S. Desisti do meu fitness plan já vos conto a história por detrás disso hahahaaaaaaaa


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