Items To Add To Your Living Room

January 6, 2016

Decor has really been something that I've been really looking forward to get in into so here it is!!! I've always loved Decor and everything related. I never actually accessorize my outfits because I like to let the clothes breath but when it comes to Decor accessorizing for me is EVERYTHING so I selected some items that will instantly upgrade your living room.

Jo Malone Candle: I've always been a big fan of Jo Malone I love his approach in the interiors world he manages to master simplicity.

Jo Malone Diffuser: I actually have a diffuser in my house but it's not as gorgeous as this one

Diptyque Candle: Okay I'm gonna be honest, I really really want this but when I do get to purchase it I will probably never actually use it as a candle, it will purely be used as a decorative item.

Royal Velvet Pillow: Yes a pillow is necessary in all living rooms, I do love color but I recommend a white one because it's neutral.

Mackenzie-Childs Pedestal Platter: Since I am such a creative person instead of putting food on it, I would put some accessories on top I think it's a good idea.

Kate Spade Calendar: New year, new calendar and why not Kate Spade well this is the kind of items that I want but I will never actually buy them.

Sole Society Mason Weekend Bag: I bet no one ever said bags couldn't be use to decorate, I really can picture it, am I the only one??

Uncommon Goods Mug: This one is my personal favourite it's just so well though and really funny, I am really going to buy this mug cause I can have my daily cup of coffee and eat cookies at the same time.

Michael Aram Menorah: I can see this one in the center of my dinner table, it's really gorgeous.

What do you guys think of each one of these?? Which one is your favourite??


Sempre quis escrever posts sobre interiores o que é que vocês acham destes itens que ficariam lindíssimos na sala de estar, qual é o teu favorito???? 


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