Get River

May 13, 2017

Hello guys today I would like to speak a bit about GetRiver , which is a service/tool that helps you to grow your instagram. After being contacted by them I decided to experiment the tool and see if my numbers would grow, and oh boy they really did. In just 7 days using the managed package I was able to grow my followers and my likes and the best part is that all people that followed me and liked my pictures were 100% real.

There's two packages GetRiver offers, the Engage package which is 49$ a month in which you get only access to the tool, and the Managed package which costs 99% a month in my opinion is the best because if you are like me and don't have the time to be constantly engaging with your audience this is the perfect package for you! 

In the managed package instead of only having access to the tool you also have access to the GetRiver team 24/7 and they will take care of your instagram making your only job to create good content and post often daily. If you are still skeptical sign up for the 7 day free trial and observe the results!

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