One More Floral Print

August 28, 2017


This dress from MANGO is definitely by far my favorite dress ever, not that I won't change my mind in the future but right now this dress is my number one dress. When I first saw this dress I hesitated on buying it but my sister actually loved the dress at first sight and encouraged me so much that I ended up purchasing it, and I don't regret it it's such a beautiful piece of clothing. The print is simply amazing and the dress is so versatile since the front can be open you can wear it as a cardigan if you want it. I strongly recommend this dress!


Este vestido da MANGO é definitivamente o meu vestido preferido de sempre, não que no futuro não possa mudar de ideias. Quando vi pela primeira vez este vestido admito que hesitei em comprá-lo mas com um empurrão que a minha irmã me deu acabei por comprar o vestido que é extremamente versátil!

What do you guys think? // O que é que acham?

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