About Me

"In Order To Be Irreplaceable One Of Us Must Be Different"

Luxurysmo Land is a blog created and edited by me ( Scarllet Marie ), Luxurysmo Land is a reflection of my perspective of fashion. When I started blogging I had an unclear vision of what I was pursuing but once I found it I kept on going. I started this blog on December 7 of 2014. Luxurysmo Land is for all "fashion junkies" who are looking for easy outfits inspirations or even a peek into my ordinary life. 

The name Luxurysmo Land has actually a big meaning to me, when I came up with this name I was on the phone with my best friend and we were discussing names and I really wanted something related with the word luxury which is a word that I love so I added "ismo" because I'm Portuguese and "ismo" is kinda part of the Portuguese vocabulary and of course the name couldn't be just Luxurysmo so I added Land because this blog is a place in the middle of the world wide web and is dedicated to all "fashion junkies".

I hope you enjoy my blog!!


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