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"In Order To Be Irrepaceble One Of Us Must Be Different"-Coco Chanel

Luxurysmo Land is a blog created and edited by Scarllet Marie ( me ), Luxurysmo Land is a reflection of my perspective of fashion. Fashion for me is the capacity of innovating and go beyond the edge, when I started blogging I had an unclear vision but once I found it I kept on going. I started this blog on December 7 of 2014. Luxurysmo Land is for all "fashion junkies" who are looking for easy outfits inspirations or even a peek into my ordinary life. 

The name Luxurysmo Land has actually a big meaning to me, when I came up with this name I was on the phone with my best friend and we were discussing names and I really wanted something related with the word luxury which is a word that I love so I added "ismo" because I'm Portuguese and "ismo" is kinda part of the Portuguese vocabulary and of course the name couldn't be just Luxurysmo so I added Land because this blog is place in the middle of the world wide web and is dedicated to all "fashion junkies" and that's why my slogan is "Luxurysmo Land...where fashion junkies live".

I hope you enjoy my blog!!
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